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Our Mission

The Torreys Hockey Program strives to be the highest quality high school hockey program recognized by USA Hockey. This occurs only through personal commitments by all participants to include players, coaches, parents, and volunteers.

The Club exists first and foremost for our players, to provide the opportunity to compete in and enjoy the sport of ice hockey at a competitive level through organized practices, games, tournaments, and scheduled team events.

In order to accomplish this objective, all Torreys players must hold in their highest regard the values of scholarship, teamwork, sportsmanship, competition, and community.

The Torreys Hockey program will endeavor to compete at the highest levels, though do so within the morals of discipline, respect, and dignity. It is expected that all players and members will strive to create an environment where winning can occur through discipline, hard work, self-sacrifice and accountability.

While the coaches will work with the players to improve individual skills, there will be a greater emphasis placed on the team as a whole, both on and off the ice. If the organization is successful with the above, winning on the ice will be the natural result culminating from these endeavors.

The La Jolla Country Day School Hockey Program exists secondarily for the parents of these players. As a club sport, it is recognized that parents cover the majority of participation costs for their players. These parents are entitled to receive adequate value in return for such expenses. This value should be measured in terms of overall club success; not only measured by the win and loss column, but also in the maturity and emotional growth and life experiences achieved by the players.

Team Values


Success in the classroom is a core value for our team.  We strive to develop individuals who are prepared to meet the next challenge in life.


We work together as one team, both on and off the ice. We share the responsibility of success. We hold ourselves accountable to our position, our actions, and our mistakes.

Win or lose, we support each other’s accomplishments and find ways to help each one of us improve for the betterment of the Club.


We are dedicated to winning, though we will do so fairly and honestly. We will strive to make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization, not ourselves. We are disciplined in our actions and resolve in our commitment to the Club and each other.


We respect authority, each other, and the rules of the game. While we strive to win, we will not do so at all costs. We will maintain a high standard in our own actions and for those around us.


Dan Wagner

Head Coach

Phone: 858-453-3440 x177